Vita Tua Coaching - English

Health problems don't have to rule your life

However, learning how 'to read' and understand your health problems is key. There is so much to gain where your personal health is concerned; know that your life can be improved in so many ways, which is what I have learned by experience.

Hence my belief:  everyone can feel vitality in their life.

As a Holistic Therapist I help people with various physical and mental health problems: by working with someone's personal energy, I guide them to find causes of imbalance in their system, becoming aware what influences their vitality so that they can start to feel better. By bringing body and mind back into balance, symptoms will disappear. Every time this is a fascinating and extraordinary journey!

The goal is that you will experience more energy, you will have more fun, feel happier, healthier, becoming more aware in life. You will experience your personal and unique vitality = Vita Tua!


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Personal growth and more vitality as a result of solving your health problems