Foundation of a healthy life and experiencing vitality

You want to feel healthy and stay healthy as you age: but how do you achieve this? How do you know what is healthy for you? And what exactly is healthy? There is so much information out there and some of it even contradicts each other. What to do?

For me, this became essential when I entered menopause: I started looking for what worked for me. I realized, you don't have to live with (uncomfortable) menopause symptoms: you can help yourself and feel fine!

What I discovered on my journey:

  • If something is healthy for one person, it may not necessarily be healthy for someone else: there is no such a thing as one approach for all;
  • Holistic Therapy has helped me to find and resolve the deep causes of complaints;
  • Health and experiencing vitality is not just about adequate exercise and healthy food;
  • Health is mainly about your own energy and how you manage this: it’s this energy that determines how you feel, it affects whether you feel better or worse. In fact, it affects your health symptoms.

Living healthy and experiencing vitality is achieved by making those choices that match you, are suitable for your energy. I have started making my choices, based on my personal energy for my menopause. And this worked!

Holistic Therapy has helped me in this process and it has made clear what factors determine your sense of vitality and health. I find it so fascinating that I have made it my job!

With me you will learn how to determine this for yourself! Because there is not one healthy formula for all, but one healthy formula for you.

Would you also like to feel more energetic, happy and healthy?

If so, please read on!

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Health problems don’t have to rule your life

However, learning how 'to read' and understand your health problems is key.

There is so much to gain where your personal health is concerned; know that your life can be improved in so many ways! That is what I have learned by experience.
Hence my belief: everyone can experience vitality in their life. You just need to open yourself up to a different approach


Maybe you recognize yourself in one or more of the following experiences:

  • You experience physical and/or mental health problems, maybe vague or chronic;
  • You are healthy, but you feel tired, pain, stress, burnout symptoms, you have allergies, or maybe you experience other out-off-balance-feelings;
  • Your GP and/or specialists have found no explanation for your symptoms;
  • You are a highly sensitive person (HSP) and you wish you would be more resistant to all these stimuli;
  • You have an uncomfortable, an indefinable feeling and you do not know how to deal with this.

As a Holistic Therapist I help people with various physical and mental health problems: by working with someone's personal energy, I guide them, to find causes of imbalance in their system, becoming aware what influences their health, so that they can start to feel better. By bringing body and mind back into balance, symptoms will disappear. Every time this is a fascinating and extraordinary journey!

The goal is that you will experience more energy, you will feel happier, healthier, and becoming more aware in life. You will experience your personal and unique vitality = Vita Tua!


Would you like information?

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