Holistic Therapy

According to the holistic view, as a human being, your are a unity: your body and mind (your attitude in life)  are inextricably linked and they mutually influence each other.

- When body and mind are in balance, you are in harmony and the energy flows freely through your body: you feel fit and vital.

- If the equilibrium is disturbed, you become out of balance: you’ll experience symptoms, a signal from your body that it's time for a change. If you do not have an eye on what needs to change, or if you think there is no need for change, the more symptoms you will experience, these can get worse, or even become chronic.

The mind-body connection appears to have a major influence on the biological function; it forms the basis of physical and mental complaints of all kinds. This is a process that takes place unconsciously, which revolves around past experiences, thoughts, emotions and attitude to life. These causes of the health problems are at the same time the opening to actually dealing with the health complaints.

This unconscious process can be made aware through holistic therapy. Treatment is always tailored to what  emerges; an imbalance is brought back into balance.

Holistic Therapy helps people to heal themselves by strengthening their resilience. Body and mind will be brought back into balance causing symptoms to disappear. It is not only treatment of symptoms, but also becoming aware: what is my body trying to tell me? Sometimes it proves to be necessary to take supplements to support the body in restoring its balance. In that case I will find for you the optimal combination of Homeopathy, Phytotherapy en orthomolecular nutritional supplements.  

A client is and remains responsible for his own healing process. As a Holistic Therapist, I support and supervise this process with all my care and focus.

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Personal growth and more vitality as a result of  solving your health problems