My approach

What is Holistic Therapy?

As a human you are a unity of your physical body and your mind, your attitude in life.

These are inextricably linked and mutually influence each other positively and negatively. A Holistic Therapist like me looks at the whole person, at the body and mind as a complaint or a problem is being investigated.

The relation body-mind appears to be determinative for several physical and mental health problems.

Your mind is your attitude in life: these are your thoughts, your beliefs, you feelings, emotions and attitude. It stands for your personal energy in and around your body.

  • With your mind, you can influence the health of your body, both positively and negatively. For example, a lot of stress and tension in your life and negative thoughts can cause physical complaints such as painful neck and shoulders, stomach and intestinal complaints, etc.
  • And this influence also works the other way around: what you do with your body (what you eat and drink, your sleep and the amount of exercise) can also affect your mind, both positively and negatively. For example, by sleeping less than you need, you get tired, irritated more quickly and you see things more negatively than if you feel fitter.

Part of this process, the interaction between body and mind, is conscious, but part also takes place unconsciously. This revolves around old unprocessed experiences, thoughts and emotions: they run as an unconscious program and influence your life. Fortunately, these causes also provide solutions to the complaints: that which previously unconsciously played a determining factor in this process can be made aware thanks to my holistic approach. The approach or treatment is always adapted to what emerges and what suits the person.


Holistic Therapy essentially helps people heal themselves by strengthening their resilience.

Body and mind come into balance again, enabling health complaints to disappear and a person to feel vitality in life again. It is not only treatment of symptoms: I work at root cause, which also involves becoming aware. As a client you learn to understand the signals of your body: what is my body telling me?

You can learn how to manage effectively your own energy, with your body and mind and learn to sense which factors positively and negatively influence your health and vitality. This means that you can make conscious choices for your health.
Sometimes it proves to be necessary to take supplements to support the body in restoring its balance. In that case I will find for you the optimal combination of Homeopathy, phytonutrient therapy, orthomolecular nutrition. If necessary, I will look for the optimal (combination of) nutritional supplements to support your recovery.

Are you taking any medications?

I check whether they can be taken together and whether they strengthen you.

In addition to solving imbalances, I also teach you techniques during the consultations so that you yourself can work effectively with your own energy. The more effectively you manage your energy and the better you are able to understand the signals of your body, the more healthy and vitality in life you will feel. You learn how to sense what has a positive and negative effect on your health and vitality in life. This allows you to make conscious choices for your own health.

With my holistic approach, a client is and remains responsible for his own healing process. As a Holistic Therapist, I support and supervise this process with all my care and focus.


How does a consultation work?

My consultations take place via Skype or Zoom and take an hour to an hour and a half depending on the input of the client. This has proven to be effective and efficient for both parties: there is no travel time, no traffic jams or stress. All you need is a quiet place.

I prepare each consultation in advance and during the consultation, we will work together.

If you are coming for the first time

I have a number of intake questions about, for example, medication use, old and current complaints and such. I need this information from you no later than two days before the appointment.

Sometimes one or two consultations is enough; sometimes several sessions are required (with 4 to 6 weeks between appointments); And there are clients who want a consultation a few times a year. Consultations are as desired.

My coaching, the process and goal

During my holistic coaching, a client is and remains responsible for his own healing process. As a Holistic Therapist I support and guide this process ethically and with all my attention and care.

The goal is that you can feel healthy and vital again and that you can effectively use your own energy. You feel good about what is healthy for you and how your energy is affected. You feel more energetic, happier, healthier and you become more aware: you will experience Vita Tua!


For more information, please check out my website or contact me via the contact form.


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