Client Experiences

"Years ago I was diagnosed ‘chronic fatigue’ after various examinations, including tropical diseases. The doctors could not find a cause of my fatigue, I did have Pfeiffer's disease but this was over. No doctor could help me. After years of being fatigue, I ended up at Tua Vita Coaching. Through Holistic Therapy treatments I'm (finally) no longer chronically tired.  I am so relieved!“

"In response to a population screening for Osteoporosis (DEXA measurement) my bone density was found to be above average decreased. In blood tests, it was also found that the parathormone level was above the maximum bandwidth: this leads to bone degeneration and it forms an obstacle regarding absorption of calcium in the bones. The doctor said there is no known cure to reduce this hormone value. During a Holistic Therapy consultation, I was tested for supplements  to decrease the high value of the parathormone: there are! In addition, the dosage and time limit is tested. To the great surprise of the doctor, the blood levels of the parathyroid hormone was found to be dropped to the bottom of the range."

 "As a child I suffered from allergic skin reactions such as eczema and after a while, I had also allergic reactions to perfume as well. These complaints have gone completely through holistic therapy treatments. “

"My list with foods to which I responded allergic to was quite long when I came to Vita Tua Coaching. For a long time, I have been tested to what foods I respond allergic; with Holistic Therapy this goes very quickly and the causes of allergic reactions were cleared, together with Homeopathic supplements. Finally: I have no more food allergies! "


 More resilient, more vitality, fewer health complaints

“For a long time I have had flu symptoms: fatigue, walking the stairs made me sweat immediately, irritation in my throat, etc. I have been examined by an internist for five months and the results of all examinations  was that everything was fine. Final note from the internist was, ‘it's in your head’. During a Holistic Therapy consult I have been tested a latent virus (the remnant of a once suffered virus that was still somewhere in my system). She tested what I needed and about a week later, all complaints were gone.”

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